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Why Maternity Shoot

You might feel tired, nauseous, sore, aching and blimp-like… but from the outside, we see a beautiful woman bringing a new life (or two or more!) into the world, with a gorgeous little life growing inside of her. Maternity shoot is about capturing your journey as expecting Parents. So move out, and have fun during this photo session. Even if our photographers are not mommies themselves, they know how to make one happy.

 Get as creative as possible with the shoot since this is the time your husbands are the side-kicks.

With the focus on the Expecting Mother and the little life inside her, the shoot involves the usage of props and banners to capture what this journey has been all about. 

The ideal time for Maternity Shoot is between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy

 Do you have a choice of location where you want to re-create these memories? If yes, call us there. Else let us choose a location for you.